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Welcome to the homepage “Atelier Lena OM”!

Elena Olkova-Micholtschan - Creativ Bazar

Elena Olkova-Micholtschan – Creativ Bazar

First, I want to introduce you to my website. Here you will find some of my creations made from high quality merino wool and silk.

How did my passion for creating such designer pieces come from? As far as I can remember I was always interested in textiles, various materials and processing methods to create hand-crafted items. I have sewn, knitted, crocheted a lot, used to paint on silk, made many gifts and collages. Most of my pieces of clothing were made by myself. The original design and the quality of my creations were appreciated and liked by many people. Therefore, I often took special orders to create custom clothes for my clients.

Gradually, I developed my own style, my color preferences and my techniques of making my designs.

Some time ago I have also discovered felt – a wonderful material with many possibilities to produce clothing and accessories. I was really surprised how easy and perfectly you can use different fashions to meet the latest trends when you make felted handicrafts.

Just adding a single accessory or a small detail in the clothes may significantly change the look of a woman, add a unique touch to her appearance. Designer garments made of felt and Nuno felting are suited for all occasions. They can be worn while going outdoors, a walk in the rain, and is equally suitable for romantic evening for two or going to the theater.

Currently I am very excited and having a lot of fun creating a new collection. On my homepage you will find some photos of felted handcrafts that are already done. But soon many new unique pieces will appear.

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Elena Olkova-Miholtschan

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